CE Certification and Accreditation


From physicians, dentists, nurses, counselors, and social workers to accountants, lawyers, paralegals, tax preparers, financial professionals, engineers, architects, project managers, and more, a growing number of professions have continuing education (CE) requirements that must be met to ensure professionals keep their skills up to date throughout their entire careers. Professionals benefit from continuing education courses by learning new ways of performing their jobs that take advantage of the latest advances in their field, including the use of new technologies that transform how they perform their work. Cinematic CE has a long history of developing CE and CME platforms in healthcare and variety of industries, including integration of the certification and accreditation features professionals look for in online continuing education courses to ensure that they are fulfilling their yearly CEU credit hours requirements.

Fulfilling Continuing Education (CE) Course Requirements

In order to qualify for continuing education credits, CE and CME platforms must meet specific educational standards that ensure a high quality learning experience which translates into real-world results. Cinematic CE has worked with a variety of organizations and joint providers to create original continuing medical education platforms that go above and beyond these standardized CE requirements to make for compelling custom eLearning content that deeply involves learners and lets them personalize the learning experience in ways that lead to serious skills acquisition and long-term memory retention. By using a broad mix of media, including high quality video and animation integrated into interactive web-based training, Cinematic CE develops enveloping experiences that are deeply engaging, richly rewarding, and deliver serious results.

CE and CME Certification and Accreditation

Cinematic CE works with its clients to establish the standards for CE and CME certification and accreditation. Custom personalized certificates of completion are awarded to users upon successful completion of the continuing education courses, which feature unique certification codes that can be used by managers and employers to verify certification. CE, CME, and CEU credits can be linked to certifications or joint providers’ platforms so that users obtain the proof they need to demonstrate completed credit hours in their particular field and thus maintain their professional credentials. Cinematic CE’s accreditation integration is seamless, ensuring that users of the platform maximize the professional benefit received from completing the CE or CME course.

Cinematic CE’s long experience as an industry-leading CE eLearning developer allows it to offer high quality CE and CME web-based training platforms at exceptional prices. Cinematic CE’s experience allows it to draw from a broad inventory of modular eLearning platform components to create original CE and CME platforms that satisfy the particular needs of each client while containing development costs. Contact Cinematic CE today for a free demo of our CE technology, and to discuss your needs and receive your own personalized CME or CE quote.

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