eCommerce for CE/eLearning Platforms


Cinematic CE is among the top eLearning companies offering full-service custom eLearning design and development with fully integrated eCommerce features. Cinematic CE’s broad skill set and deep experience in a variety of digital and online media means that it is capable of producing everything in house under one roof, ensuring that the final deliverables are fully integrated solutions in which all components fit seamlessly together to complete a comprehensive whole. While other CE developers may need to rely upon outsourcing for video production, eCommerce web design and development, and other services that help complete custom, eCommerce-enabled, web-based training platforms, Cinematic CE produces everything within a vertically integrated organizational structure that affords it full control at every step of the process, ensuring optimum end results that achieve a cohesive aesthetic and functional unity.

Cinematic CE: eCommerce Web Development for eLearning Platforms

Cinematic CE offers an extensive range of eCommerce website design and development to support web-based training platforms like CE and CME websites. Users can purchase access to CE and CME courses through the website. Discount codes can be administratively added and distributed to offer deals to specific institutions, organizations, and audiences. Group purchasing can be facilitated as well, helping to encourage the adoption of a new continuing medical education or continuing education platform by organizations with offers of bulk access to the eLearning platform based on preset pricing tiers for different numbers of users. Since many professionals, especially in healthcare, are required to meet a certain number of CE credits each year, and certain accreditations for specific skill sets are required to be regularly renewed, automated email reminders can help keep existing customers coming back to keep their knowledge and skills current.

Search Engine Marketing of Online Continuing Education Courses

Cinematic CE can also support the marketing of the platform to reach broader audiences. Its search engine optimization capabilities can help continuing education courses compete for web searches, and its pay-per-click online ad campaign management helps organizations achieve maximum market exposure for each dollar spent by finding the highest value keyword strings in any given industry and adjusting bid algorithms for optimized cost-to-value ratios. In the highly competitive terrain of accredited continuing medical education (CME) platforms, this can be crucial to ensuring that the CME course is found and chosen by the target audience.

Cinematic CE is among the top-performing eLearning development companies today thanks to its exceptionally broad and deep capabilities. As a full-service video production company, Cinematic CE can produce eLearning video and animation course content that effectively communicates information so that it is remembered. As an eCommerce web development company, Cinematic CE can offer you the tools to monetize your CE and CME courses and secure a dependable income stream. And, as an award-winning search engine marketing firm, Cinematic CE can help you reach your target audience as cost-effectively as possible in often highly competitive markets. Request a free live demo of Cinematic CE’s comprehensive video-based eLearning platforms and eCommerce capabilities by contacting us today.

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