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Cinematic CE Celebrates 25 Years of Groundbreaking Leadership in Digital Interactive Media and Technology

Established in 1994, Cinematic CE, as part of Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), will be celebrating its 25-year anniversary of its pioneering role in digital media in 2019. Cinematic CE was one of the first companies promoting the advantages of digital media and expanding access to digital design and development to a broader range of businesses and organizations. Cinematic CE understood that digital represented both quality and cost advantages compared to the traditional formats it replaced. The unique advantages of digital media allowed Cinematic CE to take a leading role in democratizing access to high quality media production that had previously been affordable to a select few. Cinematic CE was the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania, and soon became one of the first all digital video and animation studios in the country. From its very first marketing campaigns (including post cards reading "Digital Is Cool" and "Catch the Digital Wave"), Cinematic CE clearly articulated the benefits of working with a fully integrated agency producing all its work in house in a all digital environment. From its inception, Cinematic CE was rooted in the technology revolution that has given us the rich digital multimedia environment we take for granted today.

Medical Video and Animation Studios

Cinematic CE creates serious value with maximum efficiency through its vertically integrated, all in-house production process that facilitates creative collaboration and consistent control at all stages of the project. The method results in aesthetically and technically cohesive work that coordinates form to function at every level for optimal impact. From concepts, scripts, and storyboards, to recording video and narration, designing the platform, editing, and integrating into a final product, Cinematic CE guides its clients in a straightforward, iterative fashion that ensures that each part of the project satisfies the needs and expands potential wherever appropriate. Cinematic CE shoots video on location as well as in its own professional studios, where green screen video production can allow for custom photographic, digital and/or 3D backgrounds to be designed and added in post-production, or custom sets can be staged to add visual interest and/or capture the perfect environment.

Teleprompters, camera support, and a variety of mobility options (dollies, cranes, etc.) allow Cinematic CE to pull off special shots. Its 360-degree and aerial drone video cameras offer further opportunities for dramatic visuals. Cinematic CE webcasts all in-studio video and narration recordings in reak time to allow the client to monitor and provide feedback in real-time, ensuring a high quality end result. Cinematic CE uses the same technology that powers Disney and other Hollywood studios to create 3D animations, and provides all casting services through its own Actors' Network of professional on-screen and voice-over talent.

Continuing Education eLearning Platforms

Cinematic CE has consistently expanded its capabilities throughout its history. With growing capabilities in software and database development, as well as 3D modeling and animation, Cinematic CE began creating continuing medical education (CME) and other eLearning websites, as well as electronic medical records applications, diagnostic training and research platforms, synchronized media and video/animation-based eLearning, virtual medical simulations, and more as early as 1995. Combining eye-catching aesthetics with engaging interactive features, DDA's integrated approach to the design and development leads to innovative continuing education (CE) eLearning platforms that facilitate experiential, participatory learning processes which deeply involve learners in the materials and maximizes both enjoyment and long-term memory retention.

Cinematic CE has pushed the boundaries of eLearning further by adopting additional advanced technologies. Each virtual learning environment (VLE) allows for modular development, so that CE eLearning platforms can be scaled over time with additional eLearning courses and expanded features. Fully integrated shopping carts can be added to CE eLearning platforms to manage sales of CE courses and encourage repeat business through automated email reminders to keep accreditation current. Administrative areas can include customer/client relationship management (CRM) features to gain long-term insight into those relationships and maximize opportunities. Custom individual and global usage and performance metrics grants administrators understanding of the effectiveness of the courses and identify improvement opportunities. The customization possibilities are endless.

Award-Winning eLearning Platforms

Cinematic CE has won numerous awards confirming its pioneering role in eLearning over its long history. Cinematic CE's emergency contraception website www.not-2-late.com won it two separate unsolicited awards in 2007: the Outstanding Achievement Award from OBGYN.net and the Aesculapius Award of Excellence. The Philips XperGuide, which combines video, animation, and interactive virtual reality to train clinicians on using new equipment in cardiac procedures, won Cinematic CE a Philips Best In Class Award and the first ever issued Tabby Award for Best iPad Healthcare App in 2012. Learn more about Cinematic CE's virtual medical simulations by reading this article by David Katz: https://zeroonezero.com/mdn. The ETHOS Engage Interactive iPad pharmaceutical meeting application won the company its second Tabby Award in 2014. This pharmaceutical advisory meeting application gives speakers the ability to administer a flow of visual references and audience communications to enhance engagement during presentations, helping capture and keep attention. Augmented reality is becoming a new area of focus as Cinematic CE continues to look for innovative ways to effectively teach, train, and educate.

DDA and Cinematic CE has delivered around 3,000 projects in its 25-year history. With roots deep in the foundations of digital media and an eye focused perpetually on the horizon, Cinematic CE continues to challenge the conventional and pioneer advances in the industry. Cinematic CE balances aesthetic goals with technical demands and functional needs thanks to its deep experience and diverse staff of webmasters, videographers, writers, designers, programmers, SEO specialists, and more to develop rewarding and deeply engaging CE eLearning platforms that are impactful and memorable, leading to long-term knowledge and skills retention. Contact Cinematic CE today.

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