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Cinema-Quality Video-Based Continuing Education and eLearning Platforms

Cinematic CE understands what it takes to create successful online continuing education (CE), learning, and training programs. From professional development training courses to full-fledged continuing medical education (CME) websites, Cinematic CE finds the right mix of multimedia, interactivity, and administrative reporting and controls to meet the needs of its clients. Cinematic CE combines 2D and 3D animation, video, images, text, interactive sequences, periodic questions, testing, and certification to create robust custom eLearning platforms that delight the eye, capture and keep attention, deeply involve the user through interactivity, reward demonstrated knowledge and skill acquisition, and lead to long-term positive learning outcomes among broad audiences.

Cinematic CE’s deep experience with advanced video and animation technologies allows the company to develop captivating and original course content that makes the message stand out and be heard. From concept, script, and storyboard, to video recording, animating, post-production special effects, and editing, Cinematic CE takes its clients step-by-step through every development stage in an iterative and collaborative process that effectively leverages the creative and technical skills of all involved to ensure maximum impact of the final platform. Advanced video production techniques, from moving dolly shots, green screen staging, set design, special effects, and 2D and 3D animation, are routinely used by Cinematic CE to keep eyes glued to the screen and add depth to the information conveyed. Cinematic CE works with its clients to plan the perfect sequence of eLearning experiences to ensure that learners and trainees are consistently called upon to interact with the information they are receiving and demonstrate their growing understanding of the subject. Final user testing and certification allows the client to award successful users official recognition of their acquired skills and knowledge, and usage metrics and user evaluation questionnaire reporting give greater insight to the client as to the success of the training platform both in terms of its measurable impact on user ability and how well it was received by participants.

The Trailblazing Legacy of Cinematic CE

Cinematic CE is an industry leader among the top custom eLearning and continuing medical education (CME) website development companies. Founded in 1994, Cinematic CE was an early adopter and promoter of digital and interactive media, pioneering the use of the all-digital production house to develop groundbreaking websites, videos, animations, eLearning, and continuing medical education (CME) platforms for both medical organizations and businesses of all kinds. Cinematic CE built upon a legacy of success in the development of industry-leading websites, videos, and applications to develop richly interactive online continuing education (CE) programs that provide truly immersive multimedia experiences that involve learners, maximize long-term information retention, and ultimately promote broad and deep understanding of the subject.

Cinematic CE sets a high standard among the top eLearning and CME development companies. Cinematic CE’s legacy of successful online and mobile learning and training projects has earned it numerous awards, including two unsolicited awards in 2006 for the multimedia website, which used an integrated video spokesperson along with comprehensive information and testimonials to educate the public about emergency contraception. Another project, the Philips XperGuide virtual medical simulation, won the company a Philips Best in Class for iPad Apps Award in 2011, and the first ever issued Tabby Award for Best iPad Healthcare App of 2012, later winning a second Tabby Award for Best Healthcare and Pharmaceutical iPad App in 2014 for the ETHOS Engage peer-to-peer collaboration and deep learning tool. Its more recent work designing and developing a new public health training platform for medical students and clinicians for APIH and the CDC demonstrates the exceptional value that can be found in a web-based training platform created by an eLearning agency that is thoroughly skilled in high quality video production.

Cinematic CE offers unique opportunities to build value in its highly integrated interactive multimedia design and development. While other eLearning development companies may remain focused on either technical or creative capabilities, Cinematic CE has the skills and technologies to expertly interweave the artistic and functional for maximum effectiveness. Request a free live demo from Cinematic CE to see for yourself what can be expected when you work with a pioneer player in the development of interactive video-based continuing education platforms. Contact Cinematic CE today.

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