Compatibility and Usability


Design is core to everything Cinematic CE does. The user experience (UX) design of a continuing medical education (CME) or other eLearning platform is crucial to the ultimate pedagogical outcomes produced. Over its long history among the top eLearning design and development companies, Cinematic CE has established core UX design principles that are seen at every level of the structure of its continuing education and eLearning platforms. Menus are clear, easy to use, and make navigation effortless. Interaction is designed for effortless usability, compelling learners to continue through the course. The beauty of the design itself puts the appropriate focus where it needs to be, at the center of the video presentation or interactive feature. And at every step of the UX design process, Cinematic CE works closely with the client to ensure that the form enhances functionality at every level of the eLearning platform design.

Cinematic CE layers video content with supporting materials like text, images, weblinks, and interactive question-and-answer segments to produce an immersive user experience that deeply involves the user and compels them to continue through the full course. By adding supporting materials and control of the learning process, Cinematic CE personalizes the experience, which aids in long-term memory retention. Course progress is self-directed, allowing users to move at the pace that works best for them. Courses can be gated or free. Gated eLearning courses offer the advantage of ensuring that no important information is skipped, while free course navigation gives full control of information reception into the user’s hands. Cinematic CE works with its clients to determine how crucial the sequence of the learning experience is, and which approach will be most beneficial for each specific continuing education (CE) course.

WCAG 2.0 Standards and 508(c) Accessibility Compliance

Cinematic CE’s eLearning platforms are built using many of the standard web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0) as a matter of course, ensuring that the continuing medical education (CME) and other training courses are accessible to as wide of an audience as possible. Keyboard controls and alt tags are incorporated in website designs to allow for easier navigation among a variety of ability levels in the population. Closed captioning can be incorporated for the hearing impaired and deaf communities. Synchronized media development itself, with its presentation of information in multiple media formats, goes a long way towards making the information accessible to as wide of an audience as possible. Cinematic CE has also implemented additional support to fulfill 508(c) accessibility requirements on its eLearning platforms when called for.

SCORM-Compliant Development for Integration into Existing LMSs

Cinematic CE can also develop SCORM-compliant eLearning courses for incorporation into existing learning management systems (LMS). This is beneficial to those organizations which have already established a full-featured learning management system that performs according to organizational standards, captures a rich array user metrics, and is familiar to a specific audience of eLearning users. SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. SCORM is a set of standards governing how eLearning course content and interactivity features are organized to optimize the eLearning experience and ensure compatibility with learning management systems in which the eLearning courses are hosted. Through the use of SCORM-compliant development, Cinematic CE can ensure that the eLearning courses it develops will work with existing learning management systems for seamless integration.

From full-featured, standalone eLearning platforms to SCORM-compliant eLearning courses that can be integrated into existing learning management systems, Cinematic CE has the experience in user experience design and web content accessibility guidelines necessary to ensure successful eLearning development. Find out how Cinematic CE can help you develop eLearning platforms and courses that are a joy to work with for those of all learning styles and abilities. Contact Cinematic CE today.

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