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Cinematic CE is a custom eLearning developer specializing in web-based training with cinema-quality video and animation that can only be expected from a bonafide video production company. Cinematic CE’s roots in all things digital go deep, all the way to its founding in 1994, when it was the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania. Cinematic CE’s digital video and animation production studios helped expand access to high quality media production to companies and organizations that previously could not afford it by leveraging the streamlined production and collaboration workflows made possible in an all-digital work environment. Cinematic CE has continued this legacy through its entire history, making high quality video and animation accessible to an ever widening audience by adopting new technologies early and finding the perfect applications that offer real value to address real needs.

There are perhaps few areas in which high quality video and animation can make more of a difference than in the development of continuing medical education and other eLearning platforms. Video and animation capture and keep attention in ways with which traditional classroom instruction simply cannot compete. While lectures may linguistically describe complex technical and medical topics with accuracy, the immersive quality of video and animation allows the information to immediately take hold, leading to much better long-term memory retention. The more advanced the video and/or animation used, the greater the audience engagement will be. That’s where Cinematic CE comes in.

2D and 3D Animation Studios

Cinematic CE produces exceptional 2D and 3D animations using many of the same production suites as the largest Hollywood blockbusters. 2D animation is helpful to simplify complicated topics, particularly when live images may not have enough structural distinction from light and color contrasts, as frequently occurs in continuing medical education settings. 3D animation is great when complex structures need to be revealed. Transparencies can reveal detailed cutaway views that contextualize internal structures within their surrounding environments, and exploding views can help explicate how parts of a system, whether biological or mechanical, work to create a functional whole. Whiteboard drawing animations are a new popular form of animated explainer videos in which illustrations are shown in the video drawn step-by-step. Great both for telling a story that introduces a company or organization and its work, and for explaining complex concepts that demand sustained attention, whiteboard drawing animation videos are an effective eLearning tool for a wide variety of applications.

360-Degree and Aerial Drone Video

Cinematic CE also has high definition 360-degree video cameras for interactive videos that put the viewer at the center of the action. 360-degree interactive videos are a compelling new way to communicate visually, and increase viewer engagement while also promoting perceptions of higher quality for the organization or company that uses them. 360-degree interactive video are the perfect way to capture environments while encouraging participation in the viewer, helping enhance the impact. Aerial drone video is perfect for conveying the scope of a business or medical campus, thus demonstrating its gravitas in grand, sweeping aerial visuals. Aerial drone video from Cinematic CE is another video style that excels in capturing and keeping attention and positively influencing audience perceptions of the company or organization using it.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Video Hosting

Cinematic CE supports the video content it produces with hosting on its own content delivery networks, also known as content distribution networks (CDNs). Content delivery networks optimize video performance on CME and other eLearning platforms by utilizing a national and international network of video server nodes. Content delivery networks find the delivery nodes closest to the end viewer and serve video from that location for the fastest and highest quality possible. With videos becoming an ever-increasingly critical part of continuing education and other eLearning platforms, its important to choose a video production studio that has the information infrastructure available to support its video-based web platforms. Cinematic CE’s CDN server web hosting makes is the right choice to ensure optimal video performance for all viewers.

Cinematic CE continues to evolve as video, animation, and 3D modeling technologies advance. Ensure your continuing education or eLearning platform is in the right hands. Trust Cinematic CE to find the perfect combination of advanced video technologies and interactive programming to make your eLearning project a success. Contact Cinematic CE today.

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